leave from every facebook group in one click


Hope everybody is doing well. More or less we all use Facebook. And as soon as anyone joins they get a new group. We want to take leave from all groups when it doesn’t feel good later.

Whenever we go to take leave, we get into real trouble, why don’t we get annoyed to take leave from one group at a time.

So today I sat down to write to free you from this annoyance.

After reading this post, you can take leave from all the unnecessary groups of your Facebook ID with just one click.

So let’s go to the main discussion.

How to take leave from all Facebook groups with just one click?

Actually I could show this post from my laptop or computer but I am showing it from my mobile because not everyone has laptop or computer anymore. Most people use Facebook with mobile and try this trick with mobile.

So those who want to do this with mobile, they first download the kiwi browser on your mobile

And those who work with computers do not have to download any browser, they can use your computer’s Chrome browser.

So first login your Facebook ID in the browser with which you will work.

Then there is an extension called Multiple Tools for Facebook, set that extension in your browser.

Then from the 3 dot menu, click on the extension that you set.

Then click on Group Scanner from Tools.

Then make your browser the desktop version.

Then click on the search button

Now you will see an option called 10 Rows, then you will click on this 10 Rows option and make 100 Rows 10 rows here means you can take leave from 10 groups together. Even if you forget, 100 rows at a time means don’t go for leave from more than 100 groups because you know that you are wasted by greed.

Taking leave from all groups together can be a problem.

One aspect of this system that I like very much is this: you can’t take leave from the groups in which you are the admin, so there is no question of losing the admin ship from your group.

So friends, these were my tips for today. If you like the post, please share it with your friends.

Forgive me if you make a mistake in the post. I am saying goodbye like today wishing everyone to be well and healthy.



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