Hidden MIUI 12 Features


Hidden MIUI 12 Features: Speed Up Phone, Optimize, MIUI 12 Tips & Tricks

Best post with MIUI 12 tips and tricks. Here is a list of MIUI 12 hidden features. The company claims the latest MIUI 12 is the most advanced experience you can get on a Xiaomi or Redmi phone. MIUI 12 brings many new changes with security and visual enhancements.

MIUI 12 is already available in India and is already available in various batches for Mi, Poco and Redmi smartphones.

The Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7S MIUI 12 updates will soon be available in Global and Indian versions. The Redmi Note 8T and Redmi Note 8 MIUI 12 updates may arrive until November. MIUI 12 Global Update with Android 10 Update has been released for Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8T.

Hidden MIUI 12 Features: MIUI 12 Tips, Tricks

Xiaomi has included many new improvements in MIUI 12. Here is a list of MIUI 12’s hidden features, tips and tricks.

Get Notified When App Uses Personal Data

MIUI 12 comes with TÜV Rheinland certification. The company claims to be the first mobile operating system provider to keep Xiaomi devices secure. This certification gives you a certain level of stability and the highest level of security you can get on your smartphone.

Every time an application or game is opened, the user is notified of access to data. This could be important information.

Virtual Identity: No need to share sensitive information. MIUI 12 has a new virtual identity feature. With the MIUI Virtual Identity option, you can protect your personal data in any application or website. The new MIUI 12 virtual ID feature hides real data and replaces it with another ID.

Users can choose what data the system should transmit for this application or website.

You can access the MIUI Virtual Identity feature with an account similar to other accounts, and you can log in with that account when registering on the website / app via Facebook or Google. This protects your confidential information.

Virtual ID hides real data and replaces it with another ID.

All-in-One Broadcast Tool The Universal Broadcast Tool allows you to stream anything on the big screen of your Xiaomi phone. This feature uses MiraCast to broadcast what you want on the big screen. This feature is also available in the Personal Transfer companion tool.

With MIUI 12 Private Cast, you can receive messages and calls without affecting the live stream.

MIUI 12 Text Recognition: Capture Text From Photos

MIUI 12 Optical Character Recognition is now available. The predictive text input feature in MIUI 12 is a very useful and handy feature that can be used for ordinary photos and documents. The OCR feature in MIUI 12 allows you to translate the text of an image into an editable format.

There are several third-party apps available, but with MIUI 12, you can use optical character recognition directly. MIUI 12’s OCR feature is available directly from the Gallery app and is a more convenient option for editing photo text directly.

Ultra Battery Saver Mode

Finally, Xiaomi has the most coveted MIUI 12 features. The new MIUI 12 Ultra Battery Saver mode helps your device perform better in an emergency. Xiaomi claims that the latest Ultra Battery Saver mode in MIUI 12 allows up to 5 extra hours on Mi devices.

This mod allows you to add as many applications as you need. When enabled, all other applications cannot be used.

Screen Usage & Stats

MIUI 12 has a screen time feature that describes the correct use of the screen. With Google’s user-friendly digital features, this on-screen interface provides hourly, daily, or weekly information on how to use the display.

You can also set a screen time limit, including the number of times you will unlock your device within a specified period of time.

Personalized Health App

MIUI 12 can be used with a new personalized health app for Xiaomi and Redmi users. The MIUI 12 Health app can do almost everything that other popular health apps like counting steps, swimming, sleeping, walking, running and more.

Xiaomi has added a special feature that allows you to track your sleep patterns and whether you snore.

Customise Animations

The new MIUI 12 has a changing physics engine with different animations. You can customize the animation yourself. MIUI 12 has several options to choose from when opening and closing apps in the middle. In addition, characters respond to touch gestures with animations.

Multitask Your Way

MIUI 12 has a new multitasking feature. There is one large multitasking screen and another with less important data, and you can use multiple apps effectively at the same time. Now with MIUI 12, you can perform multiple tasks more efficiently on your Xiaomi device.

PiP Feature For Apps

The new MIUI 12 allows Windows to get more apps and games when using other apps without rebooting. If you want to use the app through the app in the same window, MIUI 12 has a PiP (Picture in Picture) feature.

Focus Mode

Focus mode allows you to turn off your phone and do what you love. In focus mode, the device can beep for 20 to 180 minutes. The device does not bother the user, and all incoming notifications are automatically muted.

When you need time for other work, focus mode allows you to focus on the displayed time.



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